LGBT Leader Says New Labor Department Rules Could Cost Exxon Millions in Federal Contracts

Courtbuilding-RBFlagStatement from Tico Almeida, founder and president of Freedom to Work on new Department of Labor rules regarding federal contractors:

"Today's Labor Department regulations start a 120 day countdown clock for ExxonMobil, the most anti-gay corporation in America, to completely reverse their anti-LGBT workplace policies or face losing hundreds of millions of dollars in federal contracts next year. While our litigation against Exxon is currently before the Illinois Human Rights Department, the oil giants failure to change their policies opens them put to new legal complaints based on President Obama’s latest executive order.  As we look to settle our case, we call on Labor Secretary Tom Perez to help ensure that ExxonMobil adequately amends its Standards of Business Conduct and does away with its notorious and offensive anti-LGBT workplace policies and practices.”

28-Feb-18 14

Marcia McCoy, Ph.D.

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