February 2017

A planetary pile up in Aries of Venus, Mars and Uranus winds up opposing retro Jupiter this love-bitten February. Our romantic missives are like missiles. Our actions take on grand proportions. They say size doesn’t matter, but now I beg to differ. Big becomes way too big! Whoo hoo!!

 ARIES   (MAR. 21 - APRIL 20)
You want to be your own person, Gay Ram. But by making your own mark on the world you may tip over your applecart of love in a relationship. Learn to give-and-take instead of take-and-take for the next few weeks. Even pretending to be generous will help you regain your personal advantage and may even get you a cheering section. Or is it a Bronx cheer? Razzzz!
TAURUS   (APRIL 21 - MAY 21)
Thinking that you can go with your gut may give you some indigestion now, proud Bull. So I recommend that you allow others to guide you with their sage advice. On your own, you could imagine things going on and overreact. Of course this makes life very exciting and interesting. Do you want your life to be that exciting and interesting? Hmm . . . thought not.
GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)
Compadres try to move in on your act and steal your spotlight. This may be a good thing, but you may not always feel that it is. Pink Twins who can balance their need for attention with the needs of pals will have it made in the shade. Those who cannot give up being the numero uno party maker may have to form more intimate gatherings. How about a guest list of one? Ahem.
CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)  
How much work can you possibly balance with all of your family obligations, gay Crab? Not many with any quality or attention. Something or someone will have to give. The next few weeks will demand more focus on your full life balance. This is good and necessary. Great advancements are possible if you can conserve your efforts and make every moment count.  
LEO   (JULY 24 - AUG. 23)
Have an opinion to share? Anything you say, post or tweet can go viral now, proud Lion. That may be a good thing if you can carefully craft your message to the masses. But things could quickly spiral out of control if you talk your screed first and reflect and think second. Which will it be? Winning the battle for fame and fortune or wasting your energy batting away the trolls?  
VIRGO   (AUG. 24 - SEPT. 23)
Money is highlighted now, queer Virgo. That can mean managing your own stash or scheming to manage others. Careful calculations and risk-taking can produce profitable results no matter whose bundle you handle. But there may be a little voice encouraging you to go crazy and splurge. Which voice will win out - moderation or excess? Oh let’s just guess.
LIBRA   (SEPT. 24 - OCT. 23)
Your special someone is not feeling very special right now. And that means that you will need to put aside your own personal desires for the time being to assuage the frail ego of another. Are you up to the task, proud Libra? For those seeking someone new, you will be called upon to be especially caring, interested and present . . . hey did someone mention a present??
SCORPIO   (OCT. 24 - NOV. 22)
If you are feeling a little under the weather, understand that this might just be a passing feeling. In fact, it may be that you are more psychically spent than physically ailing. Turn things around with a time of quiet meditation, queer Scorp. You may become so mellow that people will not recognize you. Then you can unfurl your ultimate plan. Heh, heh.
It’s time to start moving in more artistic circles to see who inspires you and who you can impress. Opportunities abound if you carefully curate your time and pay attention to the movers and shakers. Strategic networking produces results. This may be the break that you are looking for, gay Archer. Your creativity may hit a high note now, even if you can’t sing.  
CAPRICORN   (DEC. 23 - JAN. 20)
Concentrate on things that have to be done around the house, pink Cap. It is never too early for a good spring cleaning . . . or any cleaning for that matter. You never know when bosses will drop by and you will want to impress any visitor. Postpone any large or long range project however. There are still too many unknowns. Or maybe you know all too well!
AQUARIUS   (JAN. 21 - FEB. 19)
Aqueerians may have a hankering to travel and see the world. Any little trip you plan can now become a gigantic trek! But this is all part of the surprising adventure that your life will take over the next few weeks. Enjoy the surprises. They are going to happen anyway. Go with the cosmic flow and see where you wash ashore. Let’s hope that it is a sandy bar and not a sand bar.
PISCES   (FEB. 20 - MAR. 20)
How steamy can a Guppie get? Your sexual appetite is at an all-time high. Passion, jealousy and scheming can easily follow. Keep things simple and uncomplicated. Keep your emotions on cool and suave if possible. You will lure a lot more fish if you calmly bob around in the water, use the right bait . . . and stick your pole in the right pond.

28-Feb-18 14

Marcia McCoy, Ph.D.


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