The Best LGBT community in 2019

There are numerous places, communities and cities around the world that are friendly and welcoming towards the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. Many of those cities have become leaders in proclaiming gay rights, protecting gays and embracing them. There are plenty of special hotels, bars, restaurants, stores and entire resorts created specifically for this powerful social group in the world. There are plenty of cities that offer great things for gays to work and live, which makes choosing best of the best a bit difficult. However, based on several important factors, such as social acceptance, way of life, nightlife, legal protection and economic opportunities for gays, we believe that the following is the best gay community in 2019.

San Francisco, USA

            San Francisco is one of the friendliest, most welcoming places for gays. It has been known as the gay capital of the United States and rightfully so. The gay community feels very comfortable in this charming city. San Francisco has the largest and most active gay community not just in America, but in the entire world. Throughout entire year there are all kinds of events and social gatherings for the LGBT community. The nightlife, culture, sports and even politics are very gay friendly and offer plenty of opportunities for this social group. 

            Castro neighborhood is one of the most attractive gay neighborhoods in the city and a symbol of gay activism. However, the activism is not limited to this place, but spreads through entire city. The gay nightlife is unbeatable and there are plenty of vibrant bars, pubs and restaurants that cater gays who visit San Francisco from all over the world. Some recent studies have pointed that almost twenty percent of the San Francisco population is gay and there are more gays, lesbians and transgender people per square foot than any other place in world. If you are looking for ideal place to live or just to visit and have fun and you are gay, then San Francisco would be your ideal choice. There are all kinds of things on offer and you will always feel comfortable in this beautiful big city with nice charm.

            San Francisco may be the best gay community in 2019, but there are many other great cities in America and in the world that support and welcome gays from everywhere. Explore them and have a good time wherever you go.