The Best LGBT community in 2019

There are numerous places, communities and cities around the world that are friendly and welcoming towards the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. Many of those cities have become leaders in proclaiming gay rights, protecting gays and embracing them. There are plenty of special hotels, bars, restaurants, stores and entire resorts created specifically for this powerful social group in the world. There are plenty of cities that offer great things for gays to work and live, which makes choosing best of the best a bit difficult. However, based on several important factors, such as social acceptance, way of life, nightlife, legal protection and economic opportunities for gays, we believe that the following is the best gay community in 2019.

San Francisco, USA

            San Francisco is one of the friendliest, most welcoming places for gays. It has been known as the gay capital of the United States and rightfully so. The gay community feels very comfortable in this charming city. San Francisco has the largest and most active gay community not just in America, but in the entire world. Throughout entire year there are all kinds of events and social gatherings for the LGBT community. The nightlife, culture, sports and even politics are very gay friendly and offer plenty of opportunities for this social group. 

            Castro neighborhood is one of the most attractive gay neighborhoods in the city and a symbol of gay activism. However, the activism is not limited to this place, but spreads through entire city. The gay nightlife is unbeatable and there are plenty of vibrant bars, pubs and restaurants that cater gays who visit San Francisco from all over the world. Some recent studies have pointed that almost twenty percent of the San Francisco population is gay and there are more gays, lesbians and transgender people per square foot than any other place in world. If you are looking for ideal place to live or just to visit and have fun and you are gay, then San Francisco would be your ideal choice. There are all kinds of things on offer and you will always feel comfortable in this beautiful big city with nice charm.

            San Francisco may be the best gay community in 2019, but there are many other great cities in America and in the world that support and welcome gays from everywhere. Explore them and have a good time wherever you go.

How to Chat with Other LGBT Online

Online chatting is very exciting way to meet and talk with likeminded people. No matter what your sexual preference is, today you can easily get in touch with someone online. Gays should not worry whether they will find someone attractive and good looking guy online, because there are many places where you can chat and have fun with gays of different backgrounds. The following are three great online places where you can chat with other gays online.

  • freecamsnow

            Free Cams Now is a great place for gay beginners and fans of popular gay models. Here you can find many hot gays with whom you can chat and get aroused whenever you want. There are hundreds of live gay cams where you can get to see gays in real time, talk with them about anything you like and enjoy a good time. You can also check their personal profiles and learn more about their likes and interests in life. This is really great place for chatting and registering on the site is completely free. All you need to do is just pick a username and password and start chatting with hot people from everywhere. There are thousands of gays to choose from, so you will never get bored. At Free Cams Now there are many filters that can narrow down your searches, so use them if you want to check out someone local. Nice and friendly chat rooms, great customer support, plenty of great gay models are some things that make this website stand out from the rest.


            This is another very nice place to chat with gays from all over the world. Just browse around and make your pick. There are also many reviews of popular gay websites so you can read about which places to visit for chatting with other gays. At this website you will find three different ways to chat with other gays – there are gay cams, gay dating and gay travel options.  If you want to spend a quiet night in front of your computer getting off to attractive gays, then you should check out gay cams. In gay dating area you can meet some gays living in your region, while with gay travel you can arrange going on vacation with gay singles.


            At this online place you will find thousands of gays, lesbians and bisexuals that are willing to connect with others and possibly meet up. You just need to choose a nickname and you can start chatting immediately in one of the dedicated chat rooms. There is a Live Video Gay Chat as well, which is very popular and often very busy chat room.

Premium Snapchats and Gay Models

Snapchat app has evolved a lot since it got introduced back in 2011. Today almost everyone uses this messaging application for all kinds of different purposes. It is no longer just a simple teen app for sending and receiving flirts, exchanging photos and sexting. It has become quite attractive application because it gave opportunity to people to sell their nudes and offer all kinds of adult content. Today you will find many adult movie performers and gay pornstars that have achieved major breakthrough on the porn scene thanks to premium snapchat. Gay pornstars now can easily connect with their fans, chat with them and show them their videos or photos. All of this is made possible through Premium Snapchat.

How Gay Models Use Premium Snapchat In Own Advantage

            Gay models are following the same model that is followed by all other porn stars. They use Premium Snapchat in order to sell their subscription to fans that are willing to pay monthly or annually fee in order to get exclusive access to their snapchat accounts. They are many famous gay pornstar models that operate this way and they have found their way for additional revenue stream besides from making porn movies.

            If you are an aspiring gay model that dreams big, then you should definitely make use of Premium Snapchat. You can view snapchat usernames sharing sites like this site where users post their Snapchat nudes. That way you can reach large audiences in short period of time and easily sell what you have to offer. However, just having a premium snapchat account is not enough. You also need to be active on other social media platforms in order to attract more fans. That is how famous gay models work today.

            Truth is that today you must have several accounts where people can find you. That means opening Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts where you will often remind people to visit your premium snapchat and subscribe to exclusive content. This is very effective way for increasing number of followers and subscriptions. The most popular gay models today also increase the number of their fans and subscribers through offering interesting behind-the-scenes footage, voucher codes, or something else that is attractive for their fan base.           

            As we can conclude, premium snapchat and gay models go hand in hand today. Any gay model that wants to be successful, make bigger profits and become famous for what they do, simply must offer premium snapchat to their fans. Setting up premium snapchat account is not hard and everyone can do it. Only a few steps need to be followed and that is it. Premium snapchat provides a very unique experience for the subscribers and that is why so many gay pornstars are using it to please their fans.

Pride Parades in America

Gay pride parades in America are very passionate events that bring many happy people together. Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender pride events mostly take place during month of June, which is labeled as gay pride month. All parades attract people of different ethnic backgrounds, religions and orientations, which come together to wave rainbow flags, celebrate love and enjoy good times. There are numerous gay pride events and celebrations around America and there are plenty gay-friendly communities and destinations across the country. You should make an effort to visit as many as you can to see what they are all about. However, the following are the biggest gay pride parades in America.

  • New York City Pride

            NYC Pride has roots dating back many years ago. The gay rights movement has started in New York back in 1969, which was not an easy year for gays in America. The celebrations in New York stretch for an entire week and there are many lovely side events and festivals during the gay pride week in NYC. This event is held in late June and the parade goes through few neighborhoods of New York, including Manhattan. If you are looking for a really attractive event that will stay in your memory, then you should definitely visit New York during the gay pride week.

  • San Francisco Pride

            This is another hugely popular gay pride event that should not be missed. It is one of the largest and most colorful gay celebration events in the United States. It attracts millions of people from all over the world that flood the streets of San Francisco during June. This pride event is festival of love, free spirit and freedom of expression. Besides the main rally there are also many musical shows, festivals of love and other attractive events.

  • Washington D.C. Capital Pride

            Capital Pride on the streets of Washington D.C. is very attractive event on the east coast, which often has a political connotation, but is very influential event. The main festivities are happening in the first weekend of June, but there are also some events that go on for an entire week. Gay community in Washington is very vocal and often their suggestions find their ways to be included in different laws. The Capital Pride weekend brings very lively atmosphere in the city and locals and tourists all celebrate good time with music, marches, celebrations and new friendships.