Pride Parades in America

Gay pride parades in America are very passionate events that bring many happy people together. Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender pride events mostly take place during month of June, which is labeled as gay pride month. All parades attract people of different ethnic backgrounds, religions and orientations, which come together to wave rainbow flags, celebrate love and enjoy good times. There are numerous gay pride events and celebrations around America and there are plenty gay-friendly communities and destinations across the country. You should make an effort to visit as many as you can to see what they are all about. However, the following are the biggest gay pride parades in America.

  • New York City Pride

            NYC Pride has roots dating back many years ago. The gay rights movement has started in New York back in 1969, which was not an easy year for gays in America. The celebrations in New York stretch for an entire week and there are many lovely side events and festivals during the gay pride week in NYC. This event is held in late June and the parade goes through few neighborhoods of New York, including Manhattan. If you are looking for a really attractive event that will stay in your memory, then you should definitely visit New York during the gay pride week.

  • San Francisco Pride

            This is another hugely popular gay pride event that should not be missed. It is one of the largest and most colorful gay celebration events in the United States. It attracts millions of people from all over the world that flood the streets of San Francisco during June. This pride event is festival of love, free spirit and freedom of expression. Besides the main rally there are also many musical shows, festivals of love and other attractive events.

  • Washington D.C. Capital Pride

            Capital Pride on the streets of Washington D.C. is very attractive event on the east coast, which often has a political connotation, but is very influential event. The main festivities are happening in the first weekend of June, but there are also some events that go on for an entire week. Gay community in Washington is very vocal and often their suggestions find their ways to be included in different laws. The Capital Pride weekend brings very lively atmosphere in the city and locals and tourists all celebrate good time with music, marches, celebrations and new friendships.